Edmonton Nearby: St. Paul (Bonnyville)

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St. Paul and Bonnyville about 200 klometres northeast of Edmonton, on highway 28, are often treated as if they were one community, though they are 60 km apart. Bonnyville recently received a lot of attention for the number of early "Bre-X" investors who stood to make a lot of money before the company filed for bankruptcy protection in 1997.

The communities' success is based on the rich agricultural bounty the area, with a recent boost from the oil & gas industry. Bonnyville has over 5,500 residents and is in the middle of the northeast Alberta lakelands. The population has a unique multi-cultural mix of English, French, Ukrainian, native Indian, Metis and eastern European influences.

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Bonnyville Attractions

World's first UFO landing pad
The world's first specially-designed UFO landing pad is operated by the Chamber of Commerce. There is a new UFO tourist information centre beside the landing pad.

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