Edmonton Vehicle Transmission Maintenance - Learning to Drive With a Standard Transmission

Almost anyone can lean to drive a standard transmission if they learn to use their left foot as much as they have already learned to use their right foot. The best way to learn to drive a vehicle equipped with standard transmission is to start on a large, level, and vacant parking lot.

Drive with a friend in the passenger seat to observe as you drive (you'll be so focused on the gears, you may need an extra set of eyes around you), and to coach you on the finer points of a standard transmission. You should ensure you are properly covered by insurance, especially if you are learning in a friend's vehicle.

When you feel comfortable enough to begin driving on public streets, have your friend drive you to low traffic secondary roads and side streets (watch for children!) and accompany you to provide supervision. You should plan your early driving to avoid routes which may include possible stops and starts on roads with hills.

With a few more miles of practiced use of your left foot, you will develop the skill and confidence to start from a stop on a hill. This is done by pressing the brake while clutching into first gear and then slowly releasing the clutch and the brake to inch forward. The slight acceleration is enough to keep the car from sliding backwards due to gravity that instant before you can apply pressure to the accelerator.

Once you've mastered this, you are ready to drive a standard anywhere.

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