Edmonton Vehicle Maintenance- Brakes - Symptoms of Brake Problems

What are the most common signs of brake failure?

Poor Brake Performance
Do you need heavy pumping to stop the car? Does it take longer than usual to slow to a stop?

Your brake system may be crying for help if you're hearing strange noises when you depress the brake. Two of the most common are squeaks and grinding.

Friction in normal operation from the brake lining causes heat. Under extreme conditions this can damage the pads and/or lining, brake drums and rotors.

A metallic grinding sound indicates your brake pads are worn through. Metal-to-metal contact will damage drums or rotors.

Low or Fading Brake Pedal
Does the pedal sink down to the floor board when you're stopped at a light? There may be a leak in the brake system, air in the brake lines, or the need for a brake adjustment.

Pulling to one side or brake drag
Worn or uneven brake linings or a damaged brake line can cause your vehicle to pull to one side. Brakes that are out of adjustment or have contaminated fluid can cause brakes to drag.

If you catch them in time you will save money. Procrastinate and suffer the financial consequences.

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