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Olympic Judo competition

Martial arts encompasses several forms of self-defence that originated in the Orient. The sport originated from military skills, and is based on traditions of honour and discipline. Not only do the martial arts teach you self-defence, but they are great for conditioning and stress-relief. The more common styles of martial arts in North America are Karate, Judo and Tae Kwon Do. All three are now sports in the Olympic Games.

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The common pieces of equipment are: a uniform (Gi or Dobok), a belt and a protective cup. Uniforms and belts are purchased through your chosen martial arts academy when you register for classes.

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There are several martial arts studios around the city, some specializing in one martial art, some focusing on several. To help select a martial arts academy (and the right martial art), ask to watch a class. Classes typically start around $50 a month, and a uniform will cost about $70 (depending on which academy or sport you choose).

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