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Race cars turning the corner

The speed and daring of auto racers is a vicarious thrill for most of us (unless you've earned a speeding ticket). Millions of motorsport fans love the noisy power of souped-up cars making it a universal spectator sport around the world. Its a lot safer than driving fast on our city street.

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For auto racing you need a car. If you are racing at the local speedway on "amateur day", any car will do, but the professional racers depend on a fast car for their living. A good racing car can cost as much several million dollars, and as much again to maintain each year. When racing, you also need to wear a helmet and a flame-resistant suit.

If you are considering buying a race car, you can find new and used auto racers in the Bargain Finder, through Race City Speedway Motorsport Park, or on the Web.

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In Edmonton, you can watch races each August, as stock cars race around the Edmonton City Centre Airport (formerly the "Municipal Airport"). For more info, visit the CASCAR web site.

Race City Speedway (in Calgary) sponsors racing and high performance driving courses, so you can test your race-driving ability:

  1. A high performance driving school. Bring your own car, a helmet and a valid driver's license. Offered each spring.
  2. Legends summertime racing school. Vehicle and equipment provided, as part of the Legends Racing Series. Offered in the summer.
  3. The Bob Bondurant Professional Driving School. For professional racers who are looking to improve on their skills and abilities. Enquire for times
For more information to be a spectator or racer, call the Race City Speedway Motorsport Park at (403) 264-6515.

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