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Here is a quick summary of how to get involved with sports by yourself or with a group. Find out how to join a team or league, and make new friends!

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Here is a quick summary of how to get involved with sports by yourself or with a group. Find out how to join a team or league, and make new friends!

Put on runners and shorts and head to one of the many aerobics clubs and gyms, including the "Y" locations or one of the Leisure Centres.
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This summer, you can watch or play in a baseball game, in one of several leagues. Try Aurora Baseball Club (780) 434-4989, Baseball Alberta (780) 427-8943, Community Park Little League Baseball (780) 478-4220, Edmonton Little League Baseball District #2 (780) 450-0114, Telus Slo-pitch League (780) 475-0347.
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Basketball is a year-round sport. Try Alberta Basketball Association (780) 427-9044, Edmonton Basketball Association (780) 438-0890, Edmonton Youth Basketball Association (780) 484-9302.
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Ride on the city's many bike paths. Catch bike racing at the Argyle Velodrome at 95A St. and 82nd Ave. (780) 451-0633. To go biking in a group, contact Alberta Bicycle Association (780) 427-6352, Edmonton Bicycle and Touring Club (780) 424-2453, Hardcore Mountain Bike Racing Club (780) 439-4599.
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Bowling with family or friends is fun at the dozen bowling lanes around town. Enquire to join league play!
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Edmonton's indoor curling arenas offer this Olympic sport year-round. Check out the city;s nine curling rinks. Links to: Learn the sport

Dive into the deep end at Kinsemn Sports Centre 496-7300), the city's best dive facility. For coaching, to get into a competitive level, contact the Alberta Section Canadian Amateur Diving Association (780) 414-1247, Edmonton Kinsmen Diving Club (780) 457-0673, Edmonton Springboard and Platform Diving Club (780) 444-7300.
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Take a "stab" at the Olympic sport of swordsmanship! Call the Alberta Fencing Association (780) 427-9474, or the Edmonton Fencing Club (780) 434-3000.

Football leagues are hopping late summer into the fall. Contact the Capital District Minor Football Association (780) 444-1062, Edmonton Flag Football Association (780) 913-7651, Edmonton Touch Football Association (780) 451-7838, South Edmonton Minor Football (780) 444-1062.
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Grab your clubs and head to the 20-odd public or semi-public golf courses around town. (Maps of golf courses). Take a class or enquire about one-on-one instruction from the golf pro. Also check out Par W Golf Programs 974-7279 (women's programs).
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Gymnastics has a high media profile at the Olympics, and has the youngest entry (and retirement) ages. Here some good organizations: Alberta Gymnastics Federation 1-800-665-1010, Alberta Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics Federation (780) 427-8152, Alpha Rhythmic Gymnastics Club (780) 476-3507, Capital City Gymnastics Club (780) 469-0662, Edmonton Gymnastics Club (780) 486-7126, and Horizon Gymnastics Club (780) 453-3209.
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Hiking takes you into the world of nature. This city offers near-nature jaunts along the North Saskatchewan River.
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Skates and a hockey stick is all you need to play hockey. Check with local arenas (Maps of arenas) for ice times. There are several leagues: Alberta "AAA" Midget Hockey League (780) 489-7000, Alberta Men's Hockey League (780) 466-6323, Ball Hockey Edmonton(780) 719-5502, Edmonton Girls Hockey Association (780) 419-4990, Edmonton Inline Hockey Association (780) 489-6709, Edmonton Minor Hockey Association (780) 413-3498, Edmonton Recreational Hockey League (780) 468-7052, Recreational Edmonton Co-Ed Hockey League - for teens (780) 990-1301 Links to: Learn the sport

Horseback Riding
Alberta is horse country. you can rent a horse or learn to ride at several ranches and stables around Edmonton. There are even some dude ranches for a total ranching experience. Serious riders can contact the Alberta Equestrian Federation (780) 922-2682. Cowboy-types can get in tough with the Foothills Cowboys Association of Southern Alberta (403) 547-6125 (fun & sport), which also promotes 24 rodeos in Southern Alberta.

Hot air ballooning
This city is home to many different shapes, sizes, and themes of balloons. Charters are available, or you can offer to help ("crew") somebody else's balloon and learn the ropes of this sport. Contact the Edmonton Balloon Club (780) 489-4611.

Ice skating
Edmonton offers ice skating year-round, plus winter-time outdoor rinks (city rinks listing). In the summer-time, cool of at the city's indoor rinks.
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Martial Arts
Learn to defend yourself at over 20 studios, where they train in both the mental and physical skills in the martial arts. Check with the Canadian National Kempo & Kung Fu Association 243-2222, and the World Kung-Fu Federation (SE) 243-2222.
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Edmonton has a few places to putt around a mini-golf course: Try Rundle Park Mini Golf (780) 940-5306

Motor Biking
There are several places around town you can do some off-road biking, with some great scenery. Ride with your friends, or join a competitive group. Contact the Edmonton Motorcycle Road Racing Association (780) 922-466.

Rock Climbing
Rock climbing is so popular that indoor climbing walls are opening in the city. But you could also head to the mountains. Good outdoor rock climbing is available at Yamnuska in Canmore (403) 678-4164.
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You can go inline blading on any of the city's bike paths. The flattest stretches are anywhere along the North Saskatchewan close to downtown.
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Rugby is about as rough and tough as football. Its probably as much fun to watch as play! Check out the matches at Ellerslie Rugby Park, 10950 Ellerslie Road. Here are some of the teams and leagues in Edmonton: Edmonton Rugby Club (Pirates) (780) 473-1331, Edmonton Rugby Union (780) 988-5245.
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Running, Track & Field
Run along any of this city's 200+ miles of bike paths. Scenic runs are along the North Saskatchewan River Valley and in the city's man ravines. There are almost a hundred organized races, ranging from 1 mile to a triathlon, and several track & field meets each summer. Contact the Parks & Recreation department for ino..
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Edmonton has several leagues for the world's most popular sport: River City Soccer Club (780) 472-2912, Edmonton and District Soccer Association (780) 413-0140, Edmonton Interdistrict Youth Soccer Association (780) 413-0140, Edmonton Minor Soccer Association (780) 413-0140,to get a hold of the local soccer ogranizations.
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Skiing, Cross-Country
Edmonoton has several cross-country ski venues. In the city, when there's fresh snow, try the Sseveral of the city parks. If you head into the mountains for back-country skiing, be alert for avalanche dangers when going backcountry. For local information, contact the Edmonton Nordic Ski Club (780) 438-4594
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Skiing, Downhill
The city;s ravines make Edmonton Canada's mecca for young beginning skiers,and its proximity to the Mountains makes it convenient for more advanced weekend skiiers. You can ski in-town at Rabbit Hill, and Snow Valley. There are also several ski clubs that arrange group trips: Alberta Alpine Ski Association (403) 286-2705, Alberta Freestyle Ski Association (780) 297-2718, Alberta Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Association (403) 217-2299.
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