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FoundLocally's web site connects companies with job seekers. We are affordable (in many cases, free) for small business and not-for-profit groups! Employers can post jobs (which you can search) and people can post resumes (which employers can search).

Jobs & Resumes are classified into 25 career/industry groups (and a sub-group)to speed matching.

For Jobhunters:

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Here is a quick overview:

  1. Register as a New Contact Person and pick a userID and password you can remember. These fields auto-fill your resume fields.
  2. From the My Resumes page, create a new resume and enter basic Personal Information to help employers get in touch with you. DO NOT use your work e-mail (we include links to several free email services, for you to arrange this).
  3. Enter the Resume Details and start by naming your resume (employers don't see this), deciding if this resume is ready for employers to see, and what job area you wish to work, your experience level, and city of desired employment.
  4. Paste your Cover Letter and your Resume body from a spell-checked document. Employers will be able to text search (like a search engine) your resume.
  5. Use the Clone" button to create resume variants.
  6. Use the Jobs button on any page to search for jobs. Job seekers can filter jobs by pay level, experience level, community, etc. You can post your resume to employers right from the Job Detail page, using a pull-down menu of all your resumes.
We welcome your suggestions for how to make this more useful.

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