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Reviewing a stack of resumes Constant changes in the economy, ups and downs in the price of resources, changes in availability of capital all work to create a solid market niche for temporary staffing services. Here's why:

Clients:As larger companies re-engineer and as mid-size companies merge, those remaining are part of smaller departments with a greater workload, and expected to work harder and smarter. Companies no longer have the resources or flexibility to handle absences, special projects, peak periods, maternity/paternity leaves. These staffing crises are now being handled by a staffing service. The cost and delay for advertising and recruitment for temporary positions is prohibitive. A staffing supplier handles recruiting costs, interviewing, testing and referencing. The agency ensures that the employee is bonded, has liability coverage, meets all legal requirements, and is paid by the service (reducing payroll paperwork). With a quick phone call, a company receives a qualified temporary worker for less than the cost of hiring and training in-house.

Candidates:Staffing is at the mercy of supply and demand. With layoffs happening in cycles, there are plenty of qualified people ready for the next temp position. Candidates don't generally pay the staffing service to find them a job. Individuals are given the job description, and any needed special training to match you to the client's needs. In some cases, staff participate in the staffing firm's R.R.S.P. programs and service bonuses. In the staffing industry, about 40 per cent of temporary placements result in full-time position hirings. Temporary staffing also gives you lifestyle flexibility and exposure to several industries.

Exercise care in selecting a staffing service. You should call them and ask questions, seek references, tour their offices, and meet the individuals who will be working with you. Find a staffing service that is familiar with your industry, and has placed others in similar positions as you expect to have available. Such an agency will have a better pool of matching talent for when your need arises.

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