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Westmount Shopping Centre

The communities west of the Municipal Airport, and east of the industrial areas past 142nd Street and south of Highway 16 are made up of smaller homes built in the 1950s and 1960s. The neighbourhoods that make up this district are Dovercourt, Sherbrooke, Prince Charles, Woodcraft and Inglewood. Inglewood has recently undergone an Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) to preserve and upgrade its housing and neighbourhood amenities. The communities are unique for the presence of two traffic circles on St Albert Trail/Groat Road at 118th Ave and 111th Ave.


These communities have five public elementary school, and four Catholic elementary schools and has Ross Sherwood Community Secondary School on its southern edge, with a separate school high School not far away. The University of Alberta is accessible via Groat Road Bridge.


The local shopping mall is Westmount Shopping Centre, the largest in this part of Edmonton.


Coronation Park is on the south west corner of the area, and is home to an ice arena, an indoor swimming pools, and the Edmonton Odyssium. There is also a nice strip of parkland on the community's eastern edge separating it from the railway tracks.

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