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Edmonton Downtown Condos

This area is in and around the downtown core, between the North Saskatchewan River and 111th Avenue, from 124th Street and 82nd Street. Edmonton's downtown is pretty self-contained. While in the core where the high-rise office towers are) the sidewalks may get rolled up at 5, the area immediately around the downtown is vibrant with the dining and entertainment needs of the area's residents. There is a wide variety of housing, all of which is accessible to a variety of modes of transportation.

This district is comprised of a number of distinct neighbourhoods (from west to east): Oliver has a mix of single family homes north of Jasper, and high-rise apartments south of Jasper with a great view of the river valley and of downtown. Queen Mary Park is a quiet residential area north of Grant MacEwan College, Central McDougall is a busy corner with several hospitals and the north-of-downtown's main shopping mall.

Rossdale is the community on the hillside south of the downtown core and includes a number of high-end high rises. McCauley is the neighbourhood nestled between 97th Street and Commonwealth stadium, and is hectic anytime there's a concert or football game, or when "Church Street" (96th Street, with 12 churches in 5 blocks) is busy with weddings. Boyle Street, east of the downtown core also includes Chinatown. Down the hill is Riverdale, a river valley community full of executive-style homes and condominiums. View of North Saskatchewan River from Downtown apartments


The community has five public elementary schools, two Catholic elementary, Victoria Composite High School, and the main branch of the public library. The University of Alberta is a few minutes away by LRT and the NAIT campus is just a few blocks to the north. Sherlock Holmes Pub


Shoppers generally head either to the downtown, with its several shopping malls (all joined by the indoor Pedways) or to Kingsway Garden Mall, just north of 111 Ave & Kingsway. Pedestrian-oriented shoppers will find lots downtown along Jasper Ave (east of 109th) or around 124th Street & Jasper, where a cluster of shops, galleries and restaurants can be enjoyed.


The downtown core overlooks the North Saskatchewan River, which forms one of the longest recreational pathway systems anywhere. The Provincial Museum is on Jasper Ave, on the west side of Groat Road. And the core has a number of movie theatres. Telus Field, home of the Edmonton Trappers baseball team is in the river valley beside the 105th Street Bridge, and Commonwealth Stadium, home of the Edmonton Eskimos football team, is on 112th Ave & Stadium Rd (86th Street). Victoria Golf Course is in the river valley, and just across the river is the world-class Kiwanis Aquatic Centre.

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