Castle Down, Beaumaris Lake, Lago Lindo - Edmonton neighbourhoods and nearby communities

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These communities lie north and west of the Canadian Forces Base Edmonton (Greisbach) and are all built fairly recently over the past 25 years. The neighbourhoods lie west of 97 Street (#28) and north of 137 Avenue. Because of their newness the developers have arranged for extensive parkland, and in several cases lake in the midst of the community. Castle Downs is the oldest of these communities and includes Baranow, Caernarvon and Carlysle neighbourhoods. Beaumaris Lake is an artificial lake, surrounded by parkland, walkways and viewpoints, which creates a focal point for the whole neighbourhood. The neighbouring neighbourhoods of Dunluce, Lorelei, and Baturyn feature homes in the $95,000 to $190,000 range and condos from $50,000 and up. Lago Lindo, east of 97th Street (#28) is built around two slightly smaller lakes than Beaumaris, but has plenty of parkland. This area is attracting a lot of new home construction, particularly in the mid-price range.


This community has seven public elementary schools, and three Catholic elementary schools. There is a public library in the middle of the community at Beaumaris Mall. The high schools for both school boards are a significant drive/bus ride away.


Shopping in the area tends to be centered around Beaumaris Mall in the geographical centre of the area. There are clusters of shops in a small plaza along 137th Ave, and along 97 Street. There are two malls to the southeast of the community, at the intersection of 127 Ave and 97 St: Northwood Mall and North Town Mall.


The community has a number of recreational facilities, many of which are centred around the artificial lakes. To the middle is the Castle Downs Recreation Centre, with its ice arena. To the southwest is the Knights of Columbus Sports Complex (with its ice arena), the Cineplex Odeon Twin Drive In. There are, two golf courses on 137th Avenue (just west of St Albert Trail).

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