Edmonton Building and Renovating - Creating a Bedroom Oasis

(NC)-The bedroom is your special private retreat where you can escape, unwind, dream, and recharge. This space should be filed with all the things you love, be decorated in soothing versions of your favorite colors and reflect your personal style. People spend approximately 1/3 of their lifetime in their bedroom. Sleep experts and interior designers agree that your bedroom should be a calm, serene, restful and inviting oasis.

Indulge in luxury - nothing adds inviting warmth, comfort, peace and quiet to a bedroom like beautiful wall-to-wall carpet. Carpet on the floor is like a cozy, soft bathrobe for your feet, especially carpet made from one of the new extra-soft, high-performance yarns. The number of style options available on the market today and the inherent benefits of carpet such as sound insulation and the contribution to better indoor quality further support this flooring choice for the bedrooms in your home. Further information on the benefits of carpet and its positive relation to indoor air quality is available online at www.yourhomestyle.ca.

Decorating a small space can be a challenge. Designers recommend that you start the makeover project from the floor up. Texture is a very important feature of carpet that offers a special dimension to room design. Heavier textures on the floor will make a space feel warmer, more snuggly and more casual. Lighter, more subtle, or tighter textured carpet styles create a backdrop of tailored sophistication and make the space more sensual and flowing. Color, pattern and texture can work together to 'cozy-up' a larger room or even fool the eye to perceive a smaller space as more spacious", explains Leslie Beaumont, director of marketing for Beaulieu Canada, one of Canada's carpet manufacturers. A wall-to-wall carpet with a smaller geometric or floral pattern, a level loop style or a classic cut pile carpet in one of the latest soft tonal neutral colors will open up a small room and give the impression of more space. Larger, 3-dimensional cut-and-loop carpet patt! erns, pronounced frieze textures, printed carpet and deeper colors make a large space more intimate. The latest innovations in fiber and manufacturing technology have given birth to a wide range of carpet styles available in a seemingly endless array of pattern, texture and color. Gentle, grayed tones of blues and green colors for a bedroom are considered calm, serene and airy. Colors from the brown tone family are especially popular for bedrooms today because they are relaxed, warm and inviting.

Whether the overall décor style of your getaway room is romantic, classic, casual, or contemporary, follow your instincts and make it a space that truly calms your spirit.

- News Canada

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