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(NC)-Carpet is a HOT design element on the interior decor scene these days. Home design trends are clearly on the move towards warmer colors, textures and layers and away from the white, bare, shiny, flat interior surfaces that were in the spotlight over the last few years. Soft flooring, with the rich variety of color, texture and pattern options available, has evolved from being a neutral backdrop to a focal point in interior design.

"Inspired in part by the textures and colors of nature, carpet styling has also been influenced by the fashion trends, popular designs, patterns, and colors from cultures around the globe" explains Leslie Beaumont, director of marketing for Beaulieu Canada, one of Canada's largest and oldest carpet manufacturers. Thanks to new fibres and manufacturing techniques, the latest styles cover an inspiring range from old world tapestries to contemporary Scandinavian geometrics, Asian motifs to tropical organics and the best of all cultures in-between. There has truly been a world-wide cross pollination of design recreated in carpet surfaces.

Beyond the obvious appealing features inherent in wall-to-wall carpet for today's interior décor, the cozy softness, distinctive textures, patterns, and the latest, rich color options, we often overlook the contribution carpet will make to actual "temperature" of an interior space. Did you know that wall-to-wall carpet really does help insulate a space? "The wall-to-wall carpet under pad and the carpet fibres act as insulation materials on the floor which keep the warmth in the room on cold days of the year and help maintain the natural or air-conditioned COOL in warmer seasons" explains Beaumont. Bare toes are kept cozy and comfortable in all seasons. Anything that reduces the need for home heating or cooling utilities to any degree is good for your pocketbook and positive for the environment overall.

For all these reasons and more, carpet is a HOT and COOL home wardrobe choice. More information about the many carpet styles available today and a complete list of features and benefits is available online at www.beaulieucanada.ca. From subtle to dramatic patterns and colors, from dense and firm to deep and lush surface textures, the decorating choices, today, in wall-to-wall carpet are great for your home, your pocketbook, and limited only by your imagination and confidence.

- News Canada

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