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7424-118 Ave Administration: 11230 110 St, T5G 3G8
Fax: 780-471-7172

The Northlands Agricom has three venues: a theatre, with seating for 700 (and 5 dressing rooms), an exhibit area with 252,000 sq ft of area, and Hall "D" which is used for trade shows, and entertainment events,

Hall "D" seats up to 5,500 people on three levels: floor, lower level, upper level. The space is used for smaller rock concerts, sporting events and tradeshows. Capacity varies: concert: 5500. ice event: 3964, basketball: 4200, boxing 5500, circus 3964. The ceiling varies in eheight form 40' to 55', and there is 66,400 sq ft of floor area (maximum floor load 4400 lb/sq ft) including a 200' by 85' ice rink. The hall has 120V/208V/347V/600V electrical and has a 19'9" x 14'9" freight entrance.

Seating details.

Box Office is located at south entrance T 79 St and 115 Ave. (enter off Capilano Freeway) and is open 1 1/2 hours prior to performance start. Call Ticketmaster at (780) 451-8000.
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