Edmonton Children's Education - Ten Easy Study Tips

(NC)—Here are ten tips from Oxford Learning that will help students of all ages improve their study habits. Tuning up study skills is helpful at any time of the year.

  1. Begin Early. The earlier a student begins to prepare for a test, the more time there is to ask questions or seek extra help.

  2. Use an Agenda. Even if study time is only 20 minutes per day, use an agenda. It's one of the best organization tools to help students manage their time.

  3. Set Up a "Study Stadium." This is any area where a student can comfortably leave notes, pencils, book bags or other study supplies. The best location is well away from distractions.

  4. Make a Plan. Students should know how much material there is to study and how much time there is to study it. Then, using the school agenda, the material can be divided into equal amounts over an allotted time.

    Ten Easy Study Tips
  5. Study a Little Each Night. All-nighters create stress and leave students exhausted during the test…and can be easily avoided with comfortable 20-minute sessions spread over several nights.

  6. Take Notes. Study material will be a lot easier to understand if students have taken notes of chapter titles, headings, subheadings and bolded words.

  7. Paraphrase. When students can state what they've learned in their own words, they will have reached real understanding.

  8. Cover, Recite, and Check. Students should test themselves by reading over a page, paragraph, or sentence, then covering it up, reciting what was read, and checking to see if it was correct. This is a great way to self-test understanding of new material.

  9. Don't Study What is Known. Students shouldn't waste valuable time reviewing material that they already know. Instead, they should focus on the topics that are the most challenging to them.

  10. Make Classroom Time Active Learning Time. The best study tip is to be engaged during classroom learning. The more involved students are in the classroom, the easier learning and studying will be.


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