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Northern Alberta Institute of Technology The information glut, caused partly by technology, by media, and by our innate inquisitiveness, is forcing us to learn to better evaluate all the information bombarding us. Learning to learn and learning to evaluate are skills that are becoming critical in our data-intensive world.

You might take a course to finish a degree, upgrade your education, or for pleasure and knowledge. You need to evaluate the reasons for taking a course. Evaluate your invested cost and time, particularly for career-oriented courses. Classes taken for pleasure might escape such detailed scrutiny.

Edmonton has many choices
In Edmonton, you can take many classes on a full or part-time basis. You can look to major educational institutions, including the University of Alberta (U of A), the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), Grant McEwan College, and Alberta Vocational College - Edmonton (AVC), or to a host of smaller, more intimate and more focused venues.

Here's a general overview of their offerings:

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Since 1962, NAIT has been focused on technical and job-related skills training. It has a large and comprehensive campus north of the downtown core. At NAIT, you can choose from several faculties, each offering a wide range of programs:

You can contact NAIT at (780) 471-7400.
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Grant McEwan University
Grant McEwan has recently relocated to its new campus on the northern edge of downtown, on the former CN railyards. At Grant McEwan,students can take more than 50 diploma and certificate programs in arts and science, business, community education, health and community studies, and performing, visual, and communication arts. The college also offers first and second year university transfer programs in arts, engineering, science, commerce, management, nursing, and physical education.. Grant McEwan also offers some part-time options. Contact the college at: (780) 497-5140.

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The University of Alberta
Opened in 1908, The University of Alberta offers several bachelor and masters degree programs in a variety of programs and faculties. U of A even offers part-time options, where students can take classes during the day or at night. Over 29,000 students are enrolled in 200 undergraduate and over 170 graduate programs.


Agriculture, Forestry and Home
Faculté Saint-Jean

Graduate Studies and Research
Medicine and Dentistry
Native Studies
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Physical Education and Recreation
Rehabilitation Medicine

Contact U of A at (780) 492-3113 for Undergraduate programs or (780) 492-3499 for graduate programs.
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NorQuest College (formerly Alberta Vocational College)
AVC offers various training programs including academic upgrading, English as a second language and entry programs into areas such as health, business and the service sector. For more information call (780) 644-6000 or toll free at (866) 534-7218
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Other Institutions
Edmonton is also home to many other colleges and post-secondary institutions.

Concordia University College Of Alberta offers a number of adult continuing education programmes and has its Gold Bar campus at 10537 44 St NW, and its Highlands campus at 7128 Ada Blvd. Call (780) 479-8481.
The Career College offers training in the oil and gas industry, legal and medical services and travel and tourism. Call (780) 424-6650.

The Academy of Learning is a private vocational school with three locations in Edmonton. It teaches computer and business skills. Call (780) 496-9428.

CDI College Of Business & Technology teaches receptionist, secretarial, accounting technician and various other skills. Call (780) 463-7900.

Athabasca University courses are available through correspondence. It is Canada's first fully accredited open university specializing in distance education. Athabasca University offers full bachelor degree programs in subjects such as arts, science, commerce and nursing. Call (780) 421-8700.

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