Edmonton Consumer: Parents should check before buying hazardous, prohibited products

Cross-Border Shopping:

(NC)-Certain consumer products are prohibited or regulated in Canada for safety reasons. Some of the items you, as a parent, go looking for in the United States or other countries could be illegal because they could put your child at risk.

Before you go cross-border shopping, make a note of the products that are prohibited or regulated in Canada, to prevent surprises when re-entering Canada.

These are examples of products that are prohibited in Canada:

These are examples of regulated products that must meet Canadian safety standards:

We put so much time and effort into planning what to pack for vacation that many of us forget to think about what we can bring back. The Health Canada website, www.healthcanada.gc.ca/travellingcanadians, explains all of this and has links to the lists of prohibited and regulated products in Canada.


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