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News/AnnouncementsGeotechnical Failure Investigation — Forensic Engineering (2/7/2016 to 2/6/2099)

Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd provides a wide range of failure investigation, expert witness, and remedial and preventive geotechnical engineering, including:Failure and mal-performance investigations including cracks, settlements, heaves, subside...

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News/AnnouncementsPurchase of assets belonging to Coffey Geotechnics Inc in Calgary, Alberta (2/6/2016 to 2/6/2099)

In 2015, Alpha Adroit purchased all the tangible and intangible assets that belonged to Coffey Geotechnics Inc in Calgary. Coffey Geotechnics Inc (http://www.coffey.com/) is one of the finest international geotechnical engineering companies with its ...

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News/AnnouncementsAdvanced Concrete Testing and Soil Testing Lab - Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd (2/6/2016 to 2/6/2099)

Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd is pleased to announce the opening on its Advanced Concrete Testing and Soil Testing Lab in Edmonton. More information is provided at:Advanced Concrete Testing Lab:http://www.alphaadroit.ca/services/material-t...

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