Edmonton Coffee Shop Scene

Going out for a cup of coffee in Edmonton can take one from the ordinary to the breathtaking. Edmontonians love coffee and they love to get together. Coffee shops have filled the need for alcohol-free recreation by providing unique and warm places to enjoy a great cup of coffee. Only a few years ago, you had to think, "where can we go for coffee?" or settle for mundane cafeteria coffee. No longer!

Edmonton has a couple of neighbourhoods, known for their pedestrian traffic, which have also become little clusters of coffee culture.

The coffee 
scene Whyte Ave/Old Strathcona
There's a ton of little coffee shops in the Old Strathcona area, offereing everybody a choice of people, atmosphere, price or styles of coffee. New York Bagel Cafe on Whyte Ave, with its 6 tables, offers great bagels and desserts perfect for a mid-shopping day break.

Downtown/Jasper Ave
Downtown Edmonton offers a tremendous variety of coffee shops, perfect for a rush hour break, lunchtime or even an evening after-the-show coffee. Jasper Avenue provides a selction of the popular(in alphabetical order) Daily Grind, G C Café, Gourmet Cup, Grabbajabba or Second Cup Coffee Co. For special coffees and incredible food, Cafe Select has long been popular for its elegant and romantic setting.

West Edmonton Mall
West Edmonton Mall is a coffee haven, with over 30 different places you can grab a cup of java. You can get anything from a cappuccino or specialty coffee to an economical food court coffee in the big mall.

For students, late nighters or over-nighters require heavy doses of coffee. Keegan's on 9th is open all night. The area has also been attracting the major coffee chains.

North Side
For a regular cup of "cream or sugar?" coffee head to Humpty's on the North Side. They also serve great bacon and eggs for breakfast.

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