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Edmonton Local Information

Downtown Skyline

Edmonton lies on the North Saskatchewan River, and about 250 km from the eastern edge of the Rockies and about the same distance north of Calgary. It is the doorway between the north country, meaning both Alberta's heavly forested and resourced North, but also is the major jumping off point to the Yukon and Northwest Territories, nowadays known for its diamonds as mach as the more traditional gold and uranium. We have basic facts, area history, Visitor's overview (for tourists in a hurry)

Edmonton Local Government

Edmonton has a number of satellite municipalities around its urban core, without surrounding urban municipalities. To understand Edmonton properly, you need to consider teh imapct of communities like Leduc, Sherwood Park, St Alberta, Fort Saskatchewan and Spruce Grove on the local fabric. Edmontonians take a strong and active role in the policy setting and administration of all levels of government.

Edmonton Community Organizations

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Edmonton Community Photographs

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