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Author: Vicki Rossington

In the little girl's clothing and baby girl's clothing industry there is a distinct trend that has grown to glorious proportions over the last couple of years, the demand for designer clothing for baby girls and toddler girls that are individual and unique in nature.

This trend in the little girl's clothing industry has seen a shift away from mass-produced girl's clothes, as discerning parents reach for the nostalgia of their own childhoods and edgier design aesthetics, and embrace the offerings of little girl's clothing designers who develop products in line with their passions and self-expression.

Various themes encapsulate the individualistic style of independent little girl's clothing designs: retro, vintage, whimsical, with emphasis on detail and finishing, historical or period influences, and strong pop and street culture references, in addition to a distinct move towards products made ethically, and without the use of chemicals.

The boom in little girl's designer clothing is why established fashion designers in the women's fashion industry have started to take note and begun their own distinctive little girl's clothing labels. Renown designer Fiona Scanlan recently made the move from designing women's clothing to little girl's clothing and baby girl's clothing. After leaving 'Scanlan and Theodore' Fiona was looking to start her own designing business and decided designing girl's clothes and baby girl's clothing was an industry in which she could find her niche.

Her label has soured to popular heights within the toddler girl's clothing market. The label is a mixture of softly finished clothes and dress-ups for little girls aged 2 years to 8 years. Fiona believes her success has been to approach designing little girl's clothing through the eyes of little girls. The label is manufactured in China and Australia with a mid-price range tag; expect to pay around $50-$90 for a girl's designer dress, $40-$60 for tulle skirts and $30-$50 for tops and tees.

Another successful women's clothing designer to make the move to designing little girl's clothing is Collette Dinnigan who was inspired to design a range of little girl's designer wear after giving birth to her first daughter. Dinnigan's toddler girl's clothing range has a 'bohemian spirit' style, trying to deliberately avoid the 'girly-girl' effect. Most agree that Dinnigan's little girl's clothing range is beautiful without being too fussy, with not a teddy bear in sight.

Shopping for baby girls clothing for her daughter, Dinnigan found difficulties finding designer clothing that was contemporary, original and beautiful, clothing that her daughter could wear from day to day. This inspired Dinnigan to design her own range of little girl's clothing with a touch of nostalgia, originality, and uniqueness that Dinnigan bought to her women's clothing lines. For any of us as an adult who has dreamt of owning a Collette Dinnigan original, it is achievable for our little girls, prices start at around $80.00 for a dress.

High end designers such as Fiona Scanlan and Collette Dinnigan have entered into a very lucrative market, children's clothing is worth 1.6 billion per year in Australia with the little girl's clothing and baby girl's clothing sectors making up 8.2 million. The girl's clothing industry is attracting a breed of parent, who is accustomed to working and buying quality goods, when it comes to their little girl's clothing parents still do not want to compromise on quality and style.

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