Edmonton Business Operations: Business Strategy Part 2: Where's the 'Power' in Your Business Strategy?

by Eileen Ashmore, MBA

Where's the 'power' in your business strategy so that your organization continues to sustain revenue and profits, and, retain customers while growing to your next level development? When we talk about 'power' we're talking about the 'impact' of your current business strategy to get the results that you want.

Wouldn't you agree that sustaining, consistently, is one of the key components for building 'power' into your business strategy? Sustaining consistently is one of the most important critical success factors for running your organization. But what about growing your business? Is your business strategy big enough and strong enough to take your company to its next level?

The 'power' in business strategy is about determining if your current business strategy has the strength and wherewithal to allow you to grow your company to the next level. The 'power' in a business strategy comes from:

  1. Describing how your company currently sustains
  2. Determining the key components of sustainability and setting measures to consistently attain sustainability for your current operations, and then
  3. Strengthening all of the key components of sustainability to build a stronger financial and operational foundation for future growth, and proceeding to
  4. Continually execute on reaching the key sustainability goals, and lastly
  5. Tracking, and revising as needed, and then executing on the revisions.

It starts with understanding the components of sustainability first and then moves to re-evaluating your current business strategy for its robustness, strength and resilience for taking your company to the next level.

Remember - business strategy and sustainability - it's a partnership if you want to grow your company.

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