Edmonton Business Operations: Execution – Part 1: Larry Bossidy Style

by Eileen Ashmore, MBA

I hope to save you some precious time by summarizing the key points in Larry Bossidy's book ‘Execution – The Discipline of Getting Things Done'. (It may save you a lot of money too!)

Over the years, I've seen the most excellent of plans ‘sit on the shelf' for so many reasons with the top 7 being:

  1. The President loses focus due to marketing, operational, financial or people concerns.
  2. The purpose of the Business Plan was to raise capital and therefore it has served its purpose.
  3. Lack of understanding as to why a strategic plan is needed, and, how it is connected to the annual operating plan to get results.
  4. Key managers are not involved in building the plan and therefore not engaged or accountable for end results.
  5. The strategies, goals and execution plan are not communicated at launch throughout the company, and, progress is not communicated throughout the year.
  6. Aggressive goals are too difficult or too complex to execute.
  7. Lastly, too often the very first execution steps stall due to lack of knowledge as to where to start and how to execute.

That's where I come in. My clients love the strategies and plans that we've built. Over the last 3 years, I have been working with clients by providing on-going support and coaching so that the excellent plans that we have built together bring specific end results.

[Next newsletter – Part 2 - Why an Execution Strategy is Needed]

Eileen Ashmore, MBA by Eileen Ashmore, MBA
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